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Solutions for performance testing of web, mobile and big data applications

Big Data performance testing

NoSQL & Big data eco system performance testing & Benchmarking
  • Pre-built clients for Cassandra, Mongo, Hadoop, Kafka, RabbitMQ etc. and APIs for other technologies
  • Integrated resource monitoring for big data clusters
  • Free NoSQL benchmark utility

Cloud performance testing

Leverage cloud to run scale tests
  • Simulate millions of users
  • Realistic testing from multiple geographies
  • Anytime anywhere access

Web performance testing

Measure end user experience for web applications
  • Intuitive user interface and guided recording for test script development
  • Inherent support for Http, Https, XML, Rest, Flex, Applet, AJAX, Silverlight etc.
  • Browser and cache emulation

Mobile performance testing

Measure server side performance of mobile apps
  • Record test scripts using devices or emulators
  • Rich support for Android, iOS, BB OS etc.
  • Network emulation for 3G, 4G and other network bandwidths

Continuous Performance Management

Integrate performance testing with Agile development
  • Jenkins integration
  • Command line execution and analysis
  • Automated result generation
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